Excel Functions & Formulas, by Bernd Held

Microsoft Excel Functions & Formulas represents the most comprehensive and concise manual for Excel users who want to expand their capabilities with both standard and nested Function approaches.

Chapter 1 introduces users to some basic examples of standard Excel functions, using simple yet relevant applications to illustrate how functions work and lay the foundation for the basic functions covered in the next six chapters.  Chapters 2-4 address how to work with Logic (IF/AND/OR), Text, and Date & Time functions.  Chapters 5-7 demonstrated how to leverage Excel to model and solve for standard Statistical, Mathematical and Financial formulas along with an introduction to conditional functions (SUMIF, COUNTIF) so you can have Excel search and calculate according to your own specific criteria.  

Intermediate and Advanced users will already have enjoyed a quick refresher on the simple functions, while beginners will have developed their comfort and confidence, as Held forges ahead into more advanced functions in the second half of the book.  Covering Database functions, and the perennial VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP functions, Chapters 8-9 also bring to bear the immense value of the INDEX, INDIRECT, ADDRESS AND MATCH functions to support still more robust conditional decision procedures so that users can analyze ever larger data sets with extreme accuracy and minimal effort.

Advanced users will discover new ways to use Array functions and User-Defined Functions (UDF's) to quickly normalize large data sets regardless of their sources.  Finally, Held brings his readers back to earth in Chapter 14 with another round of daily business applications that by now are easy to manage, replicate and put to work immediately by virtually any user.

Structured based on Excel's main Function categories, readers have the choice to either focus on developing their knowledge and proficiency with a specific function category, work through the entire guide cover-to-cover,  or simply keep the text as a handy and indispensable part of their personal Excel Desk Reference Library.