Excel Tricks and Tips, by John Walkenbach

John Walkenbach's Favorites Excel Tips & Tricks is one of the best beginner resources we've ever used and reviewed.  Segmented into brief, individual exercises the guide reveals nearly hundreds of little known "Excel Hacks" that cover conditional formatting, table calculations and nested formula approaches that make learning Excel fun for the most hesitant users.

Readers can cherry pick tips and ideas to suit their immediate modeling needs, or spend a few hours working through the book's exercises to expand their experience with and awareness of a broader universe of Excel's spreadsheet functionality and customizability.

It's a rudimentary text because it was written to make using Excel more fun and interesting. Nevertheless, the author's command of Excel means that even the most experienced users can glean techniques from the book that will add the final polish to their models.  Walkenbach's approach in this guide is easy to digest and reveals exactly why he's widely regarded as the leading Excel training author by users the world over.