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  1. Speculative investments that do not generate cash are prone to bubbles and crashes, writes Gary Smith.
  2. The VIX has never deserved its reputation as a contrarian indicator, writes Mark Hulbert.
  3. How to keep a clients’ respect — and your own — when dealing with the top 1/10 of the 1%.
  4. The answer can help predict a person’s ability to make a commitment and level of trustworthiness.
  5. After raising their five kids, this wife has had enough.
  6. This man says his brother has lived rent-free in their mother’s house and he says it’s payback time.
  7. The findings are published in the December Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.
  8. The largest increases are projected for equities sales and trading professionals.
  9. Those looking to get in the holiday spirit early may want to listen up.
  10. The package for newcomers to this Oklahoma city includes a free membership at a co-working space.