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  1. The president has threatened to roll back trade agreements made by Barack Obama.
  2. Stubbornness, overconfidence, and other trading and ego traps can have painful consequences for investors.
  3. Insiders at certain oil companies have been buying shares all year long, writes Michael Brush.
  4. This woman wonders whether her ex-husband has violated the terms of their divorce decree.
  5. Multinational brewers are flexing their muscles after buying up dozens of craft companies, writes Jason Notte.
  6. As the digital currency, bitcoin, has surged a breathtaking 400% over the past year, Wall Street may be apt to take Yves Lamoureux’s call a little more seriously. At least, that is the hope of the 54-year-old former retail broker and trader who established what he describes as macroeconomic research firm, Lamoureux & Co., about four years ago.
  7. This research looked at the eating habits and cardiovascular histories of 55,500 people.
  8. Preferences for one over the other tend to vary with age.
  9. U.S. soybean growers could tell OPEC oil ministers a thing or two about the dangers of ceding market share.
  10. Treasury yields edged lower as oil prices slump despite an agreement by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies to extend production cuts.