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  1. The self-described ‘Based God’ says everything he knows about finance was self-taught.
  2. This woman is furious that they colluded to stash funds in a trading account.
  3. Global equities are far from overpriced, say analysts at Barclays, though they admit to being “uncomfortably bullish.”
  4. Are young investors naive, or acting in a way that makes a lot of sense, given where they are in their careers and how most experts say their portfolios should be configured? Maybe a little of both.
  5. Oil prices finish lower Tuesday as analysts forecast a fourth weekly climb in a row for U.S. crude supplies.
  6. The president may be getting an earful about his “take a knee” fixation this week, but Sam Zell is focusing on the upside.
  7. Savvy marketers have figured out how to cater to a nonconformist bride
  8. President Donald Trump said Tuesday he will visit Puerto Rico next week. His 2016 campaign rival thinks he may not know who he’ll be meeting.
  9. The fact that the major cities in the United States are responsible for much of the country’s economic output isn’t really surprising. But what may be eye-opening is just how much cities dominate.
  10. The big tech selloff that hit the stock market Monday looked like a garden variety case of investors cashing out winners and looking for bargains, but the move actually has less to do with lofty valuations for growth stocks, one analyst says.