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  1. A homeless man used the last $20 in his pocket to buy gas for a stranded motorist because he feared for her safety — and what she did next changed his life.
  2. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon said Wednesday that he wouldn’t bet on President Donald Trump getting a second term.
  3. Between Donald Trump, the National Anthem, #MeToo, and whether or not oysters really belong in stuffing (GTFO), there’s not enough brunello in all of Tuscany to take the edge off the potential family squabbles this Thanksgiving. Just wait for when someone inevitably asks you to explain bitcoin.
  4. Government officials worldwide said they would look at Uber Technologies Inc.’s handling of a major data breach last year.
  5. Former Obama cybersecurity commissioner gives some timely safety tips.
  6. Just how concerned should you be about your partner’s poor finances?
  7. Steer clear of these duds on the day after Thanksgiving.
  8. Try these hacks to get the deals you want, whether you decide to shop from your couch or at the mall.
  9. You may be better off waiting for prices to go even lower on some products throughout the holiday season.
  10. Strategists at Société Générale say if yields rise from their depressed levels, asset valuations could look particularly steep once the 10-year Treasury yield climbed to 2.75%